T’s Holistic Signature Facial

What it is

This treatment serves your individuals needs with a customized facial based on an initial consultation, where we identify your diet, stress level, lifestyle, skin care and skin personality. 

My goal with this facial is to prove that our skin’s radiance is a reflexion of our inner health.

  • Prior to treatment clients will participate in one on one consultations to discuss their wants, needs and concerns.
  • After the consultation I will provide you with a skin profile based on our conversation. This will help you better understand and address the factors impacting the skin. Along with this profile, I will include recommendations to improve skin care, such as well-being rituals, beauty foods and herbal remedies. Your customized profile can be printed or sent electronically, depending on your preferences.
  • T’s Holistic Signature Facial includes aromatherapy with infused oils chosen specifically for your needs. For example, lavender to help with relaxation or eucalyptus for coping with negative emotions like stress, anxiety, or mental fatigue. While you breathe in balance, your ears will be filled with the powerful relaxing sounds of healing.

This facial consists of…

  • Facial Reflexology massage with serum to release facial tension
  • Customized facial with exfoliation and extractions if needed.
  • Other techniques and treatments chosen specifically for your needs.


Time varies.