Roman Ritual

What it is

Did you know that the Ancient Romans started using cosmetics for ritual purposes only? The romans disliked wrinkles, sunspots, skin flakes and blemishes. But as time went on, makeup and skincare became a natural part of women’s everyday lives.


This facial was designed as an intensive treatment that brightens and helps fight against signs of premature skin aging; It also is for the repair of sun damage.


The Ancient Roman loved perfume.. Smelling good was a sign of good health

This facial consists of…

  • Facial Massage with aromatherapy. Aromas of flowers and herbs like saffron, almonds, rose petals, lilies, myrtle, laurel and jasmine.

  • Micro-current for face and neck skin tightening (Micro-current is a natural alternative to Botox and fillers. No Chemicals, No Downtime. It helps with line reduction, contours, and builds collagen)

  • Face Steam will be infused with herbs and flowers that help detox all impurities

  • Deep pore cleansing

  • Dermaplaning – Dead skin cells contribute to dullness, wrinkles and breakouts. Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment that consist of gently scrapping the surface of your skin with a surgical scalpel to remove dead skin and peach fuzz. It gets rid of facial hair and can make your face feel baby soft, it also helps give you a smooth foundation application, all without having to use harsh exfoliators.

  • Oxygen Therapy (Oxygen Therapy revives the complexion in all our treatments transporting essential element directly through the pores)

  • LED light therapy (blue light for anti-aging)

100% natural product will be used. (Antioxidant & sun repair serum, and products containing Beta-Carotene or Carotenoids.) Carotenoids are especially helpful because our bodies convert them to usable retinoids which stimulate the production of new skin cells and without the nasty side effects.


120 minutes.